Lucine Therapeutics

DTx* to relieve chronic pain

*Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

150 million people
suffer from chronic pain in Europe

Pain is a public health issue

In France, 70% of patients who have chronic pain do not receive appropriate treatment and only 3% receive personalized care.

Pain is the first reason for consultation and it raises important challenges regarding its management.

Our values and mission

We work every day to create new digital solutions that relieve chronic pain.


Support the patient and help him/her find his/her proper place without stigmatization.

Treat with respect

Treat the patient with respect and integrity, regardless of his/her pain.

Give options

Give the patient the choice to live as he or she wishes.

Et si un jour le patient n’a plus besoin de nos solutions ?
 Our mission will then be successful.

The patient, our best expert

Lucine a conçu un programme de recherche et d’accompagnement de la douleur.